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88 Flows (Freestyle) Lyrics

88 Flows (Freestyle) Lyrics by BAYLA

Turn the volume for your speaker
I get shit to tell you, this be real 
All my people you for wake up
ma b) mpay3 aky3 buh ebi like things no really work out

Hw3 is time for me to get out !!!
ohia fi make idey stress
Fi dey make I depressed
Fi dey make I think say nothing 
Really go fi come for my sweat
Y3 y3 na amfa a, we dey vex 
I put my hands on my chest, things go work, we no come to impress

Y3b) shows w) Saudi aaa, we go sell out
Wu tu y3 pum saf aaa, we go get out
Ya y3 ready for anything, all ma haters stay out
Wontumi k) one on one, me m3ma Wo knockout

On some legendary level
Blessings on me lately, think the devil wants to rebel
I’m on fire, I’m on heat, Ino fit quench, Ino fi settle
Most of yall aint on my level

Same old same, told my guys we go reach the skies
Me ni wo ni saa, if you switched, omo dey ur side
Nothing on your brother, buh wo girl nu mpo )ny3 me type
All these guys want fcuk with me, soon time yall go realise

Came from the bottom,  shining underground
All these niggas kept on doubting, now they seen  me all around
Them no dey fi dey leave without my sound
I’m a beast, don’t play games with me, I told you now

Losing sleep saf on the daily
Me ma wo verse a, you no fi pay me
Me de ky3, buh it’s not for free
Your fav rappers can’t contain me
Youngest oG on the block, I don’t say much you boys dey talk
Niggas gossip like these bitches
Y’all be thinking I give a fcuk my boys support
we dey pray for times like this, times we all go dey the top

Hw3 me mmer3 aso it’s near, game changer, maba I’m here
Who thought I’d take the scenes
You should believe not your regular gee
These rappers can’t compete with me
Bossu choq atake the lead

Do or die, ano dey sleep
Maso ay3 shi I’m on my knees
Praying say my life go speed
Otega se bro chase the dream
The bag is coming, be wise n see
The truth dey suck, I’m all u need
You doubted me a rest in peace!
Love to y’all, my bros, my gees

I go through dirty shit buh I just don’t show it
Silent making moves, DC boy reach Texas

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About 88 Flows (Freestyle)

Album : 88 Flows (Freestyle)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 emPawa Africa.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 02 , 2020

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