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    Jua Cali real name Paul Nunda was born on the 12th September 1979.He started rapping when he was in Jamhuri high school but he was not that actively involved in music.After finishing school in 1998 thats when he got active into music.He hooked up with Clemo his childhood friend and started calif records in the year 2000.At first he was meant to be a producer and look for guys who would rap.They then hooked up with a few guys but things did not work out coz they the gus did not have faith in them.So with pressure from Clemo (Ngomma Vas ) and a few friends he  was forced to pick up the mic himself.And in the year 2001 'JUACALI' was born.Basically the name 'JUACALI' comes from my his estate. It simply means 'know California' coz so many guys dont know where calif is.He released his first song 'RUKA' a dedication to Calif the same year which to his surprise went on to top the charts and is one of the best. Jua Cali is among'st the first music veteran/pioneers in Kenya. His started the 'genge' movement. Kenyan music was born.

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