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All Night Long Lyrics by AMALON

Am in love with your body
Mummy sinaba aho utari
I go kill somebody
Would you stay with me?
All night long
All night long (all night)

Look outside ay
I've been I've been I've been waiting outside all night
Umutima umbwira ko ngomba kuba ndi
Right by your side ay
Cause I've been calling you
It's been hard reaching you
I wanna know how are you ouh
You already know that you got my attention uumh
In every case i go ride for you
Usa neza kamikazi uwera
Ureba neza amaso yawe arera
Ntawundi mbona nakwizera
All night long
All night long (all night)

Brother man h k p season
Ah my guy wagwan
Wumvishe babana my bro
Yeah man bariya barara man ibyabo turabizi
Subizi my bro ntagobazi umuntu bariho
Icyaro icyaro just blood clat
Huun Dizo mad oh

They run away, when they see me come
(Mandem afraid)
They run away
They run away, when they see me come
(Bwoy dem afraid)
They run away uum um
Jehovah guide me
Hovah knows peace
Jehovah guide me
Am running silent
Jehovah guide me

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About All Night Long

Album : H.K.P (Hovah Knows Peace) (EP)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Jul 27 , 2022

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