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Fancy Lyrics by AMAARAE

I like it when you call me zaddy
Won’t you sit up in my big fat caddy?
We can roll it I’ve got the Cali
I’ve got smoke for whoever wan’ try me
On the right that’s my best friend
You don’t wanna test them
Every day I do my dance in the mirror
Cuz I feel so damn FANCY

Fancy Fancy Fancy

Bitch, I’m really with the shits and hat for sure
If you didn’t know, big baby now you know
Percy Miller – bout’ it bout it, bout the dough
Macarena to the money after shows
So Fancy
Don’t miss your chance, do your dance
Oo wit your attitude, lil mama make them plans
That’s a bad bitch, spend it on her fast
Cuz you look so damn FANCY

Fancy Fancy Fancy
Fancy Fancy Fancy

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About Fancy

Album : Fancy (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Sep 10 , 2020

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