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Question Lyrics by ALPHA

Hmmmm… Madebeats on the beat

I know this might sound crazy
To question how much you care about me
Or I much you love me
In my darkest and worst
Will you cry with me
Or will you be the first one to crucify me

When everybody leaves, will you stay to comfort me
Oh will you be in the first line to comfort me
Curiosity is taking all out of me
Forcing me to ask

Would you love me the same
Would you love me the same
When I lose my front
Loose my side
When I loose everything
Would you love me the same

Es ce que tu m’aimeras toujours…
Es ce que tu m’aimeras toujours…



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About Question

Album : Question (Single)
Release Year : 2018
Added By : Afrika Lyrics
Published : Jun 07 , 2018

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