Magic Lyrics by WHOISAKIN

Uh yeah eh
You said you’ll never leave
And then you leave, Girl I’m so stupid 
For believing you 
And then you said we had some moments 

You could’ve said I’m not your type 
You Smiling through the coldest nights 
You was a devil in disguise 
 She said to me, give me all your loving 

When I really need it 
I hope that you readyyy ugh  
(Prrrrr wooo wo wo wo) 
Shey you’re ready for me? You’re so faraway 
(Oh no no no)

Oh baby come closer, sex with me so amazing!
You said wale wale,  lets dance in the moonlight 
Said boy you really think you need me but you don’t  
You said boy

Though it feels like magic 
It was a fantasy 
I’m never needing you  
Though it feels like magic 
I’ll be on my way 

I’m never needing you 
(on my way on way on my way eh eh)
I’ve been thinking like long long time
You want me like all the time 
You’re not here right now 
I’m hoping you take time 

Why don’t we take some space? 
You do some crazy ting ting 
When you love somebody 
Your love so deep I feel like
like I’m drowning 

When you hold me tight
Why won’t you let me go 
You love me like lalala
You touch me like Lalala
Kiss me like Mmmm lala

don’t let me go 
Don’t you let me go
Love doesn’t work if you don’t work on it 
Love doesn’t grow if you don’t water it 
(Though it feels like magic 
I’ll be on my way 
I’m never needing you)

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About Magic

Album : Full Moon Weekends / Magic (EP)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 empawa
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 16 , 2020



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