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Vitu kwa Ground ni Different Lyrics

Vitu kwa Ground ni Different Lyrics by VALLERIE MUTHONI

I swear to God I’m bout to go dumb
Where ‘s the competition? I see none
Eat my leftovers, yes when I am done
Life is a race, boy you better run

Before the popo bust thru with the guns
And you know they like shooting niggas for fun
You don’t wanna fuck with me, I’m not the one
Much like a son, today you gon learn

That I don’t give a fuck
Niggas begging for features, I wish you luck
In this city of sin, I’m like angel dust
Wear my heart on my sleeve but I’m dangerous
Yeah the kid talk her shit but she back it up, yeah

Yeah like a chevy truck, yeah
Yeah, nigga, she back it up, yeah
Yeah like a chevy truck (jheeze)
My time is too precious to trip and feel pressured

To sit here and talk about “now who is better?”
I’m hot like the weather, this flow like a feather
Me and the homies we eating together (yeah)
Got the heart of a queen
The mind of a hustler
Strict ka headmaster (yeah)
So when you enter the ring, you better start praying cause this your last supper

Vitu kwa ground ni different
Vitu Kwa ground ni different
They smile in your face and then the next day they switch and start acting different
Vitu kwa ground ni different
Vitu kwa ground ni different
They wan’ catch a case, got more on the way
Hit my lawyer he’ll handle you different

Yeah, I’m the source of the sauce
Chilli, got fire, I’m spicy of course
Yeah, ride this bitch like a horse
To all of my haters, I show no remorse
Eni, si it is what it is, mi hubonga tu ukweli
I do it for the kids

Yeah, story yako ni lengthy and showing no signs of making me wealthy
Stop it, I drop the merch - they cop it
Every week is one or two or three deposits
So imma just continue to be me regardless
I know they really looking up to me be honest
Transform my water into Ice (ummm)
Transform my water into wine (umm)
Yeah, she belongs to the streets
Shawty got shooters, they all got a piece

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About Vitu kwa Ground ni Different

Album : Vitu kwa Ground ni Different (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 03 , 2020



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