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Nobody like you Baba mi
I found nobody like you Baba mi
Atobajaye ni, Baba mi
Olarun Abrahamu sha ni Baba mi
Olorun Jacobus ha ni Baba mi
Olorun pastor Chris Oyakhilome sha ni Baba mi
Nobody like you Baba mi
His name is Jesus
His name is Jesus
His name is Jesus
His name is Jesus

I call him Jesus my savior
Jesus my protector
Jesus my provider
Jesus my healer
Jesus my comforter
Jesus my defender
Jesus my defense
Jesus my advocate
Jesus my intercessor
Jesus my present
Jesus my tomorrow
Jesus my future
Jesus my peace
Jesus my joy
Jesus my hope
Jesus my life
Jesus my wonder
Jesus my happiness
Jesus my sufficience
Jesus my miracle
When I am walking Jesus
When I am sleeping Jesus
In life Jesus
In my job Jesus
In him I live and I’ve my being
Jesus my oga
Jesus my CEO
Jesus my boss
Jesus my ogapatapata at the top
My ever present helper
Jesus my king
Jesus my Lord
Jesus my world
Jesus my love
Jesus my guidance
Jesus mu beauty
Jesus my swagger
Jesus my ginger, more than way maker
More than peace maker, I call him my bigibigi
In him I do shakara, I him I do yanga
In him I gara, he’s my confidence
Jesus my giver, Jesus my blessing
Jesus my friend, Jesus my father
Jesus my mother, Jesus my eyes in him I see
Jesus my nose, in him I breathe
Jesus my ear, in him I ear
Jesus my mouth, in him I speak and I prophecy
Jesus my hands, in him I perform miracles and wonders
Jesus my legs with him I can walk on water
Jesus my health no sickness, no infirmities, no any deceases
No cancer, no HIV, no malaria, no high blood pressure
No stroke, no headache, Jesus is my health

Jesus my supply, Jesus my surplus
Jesus my faith, Jesus my abundance
Jesus my overdose, Jesus my purpose
Jesus my light, no darkness
Nobody like you Baba mi

E bami pe loruko t’onje; Yesu
E pe loruko t’onje, Yesu
E ba mi pe loruko t’onje oo, Yesu
E ba mi pe lorruko t’onje oo,Yesu

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Album : Jesus (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Nov 17 , 2020



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