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My Voice Lyrics by STRONGMAN

Uh Hey, na w’ate anaa
W’apampam hy33 ase3 b)n kakra yi
Nti mo ahy3 ase3 claime Goat
Okyeame tie ma no nt) mm)fra yi
Bankyewura y3n make dough

Chaley rap
Chaley rap mu mantse
Enfa woho nto m’adwee ne nipa ns3
Nikanikafo) dede na nipa mp3
Gye gye w’ani ee na 3n3 wiase nipa nky3

Yo paddy we dey move on
Anytime I get the mic I get the groove on
Nsafo) no 3mb3 sign me s3 coupon
Atanfo a )mp3 me yie na )kyere k(m
Bad doctor never test my patients
Number 1 me y3 constant find the quotient
Killer 3ba no rap a cut the pretence
Chaley punch y3 hall week a me ky3n Pent

Me mma mo filla mu filla
Me ne mo killer mu killer
Me ku ta mic a mo nhunu s3 3ny3 pillar ni pillar
)b3 rush crush a m3t) ne ho filla
Na w’ate anaa?

Mese adwene fii )b3 nya a nka m’ate at)
But me flow no y3 sick me me te ap)
S3 de3 m’ani abre yi me d) Nyame
S3 suman hy3 wo b)tom a )twea 3b3te ak)

Gyae loose talk na 3fa tight wo bars
B3gye heat k) fie k) light wo gas
Gye gye me a afe yi ibi die you go die
Poku me ka me ho a na mo guy no ny3 guy Uh
Ejust bi me wey I want pet
3ba no beef a obiaa nhia birth cert
Me a na mese afe yi m3y3 album yet
Me te on your marks ago get set

Megyina ha no a ato wo punch a wo nsa 3woso
Kwapia w’ahunu s3 wo time aso
Ewiase ade3 bi a nni h) a 3ya ky3n )baa n’afu ky3n ne to
So lemme make hay while the sun shines
Chaley make way make I come pass
Rappers d))so buh ano dey see mankind
Wode3 guh so kasa na m3 lashi wo fine fine

3ba no beef a paddy never risk it
Bars no 3bu ma we dey waste it
Chaley yede sika na 3y3 nwom a nka Dangote fie
Nka y3n ngu so tie Wizkid
The gutters are filled with water
But nsuk)m de wo a you don’t drink gutters
It tell s you everybody could be a rapper
But before you be like me you need rocket

Mefa boukrom Car a mesi wo asiey3
3ny3 wawa s3 me ho ehu s3 amusiey3
Wonim de3 3ba a nka m’afutuo yi nka wotie y3
Wode3 wode w’ano na 3kyer3 s3 wo fie y3
Aboakyir man koraa chase me oh dear
You don’t need to be told yeah
Me baa nt3m a rap me ne custodian
Fabulous rapper no hyia me a )y3 phobian

So boys for back off, gye mo p3 back up
Tell your guy to better shut the fvck up
Yene lion ndi agor) nwie mma popcorn
M’abr3 ne beef mo mbr3 me big cup, hey!

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About My Voice

Album : My Voice (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 Strong Empire
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 14 , 2020



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