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I Hate Me Too Lyrics

I Hate Me Too Lyrics by SOS

I'm getting bigger than my favourite rapper
Look around and tell me who fuck  does it better.. than me? 
Applying pressure like I'm under pressure
They sitting down tryna study me like I'm giving lectures 
I'm the hottest in the country you just gotta admit 

Treat the game how I want to SA hip hop is my bitch 
It takes them 2 months to do numbers that  I do in a week 
you gotta go back to the studio man your  album is weak
My ex called me and said she missing me

Remember times I was tryna stop her from leaving me
What was the point of me doing that when she was missing it? 
i moved on don't call me bitch I got a new bitch
She keeps on blocking and unblocking me
Used to look down on me and now she topping me

She sloppy topping me
My glock I'm cocking it, lil mama rocking it
I'm steady poking it
Look at my life bitch I never had it easy
So many scars I can show you I been bleeding
But I get too much hate, too much hate on a daily base
Oh Lord I pray that you keep me safe

F*ck MacG and his podcast ya'll ain't putting me on 
Bitch I put myself on.. 
So I don't give a shit if you say you not feeling my song. 
Who are you? I don't make music for trustfund babies 
I'm from the slums now baby 
I was eating crumbs now baby
I had my stomach empty 

That's you' ll never relate to anything I put out 
I'm from a hood where every weekend it's a shootout 
Seen niggas die, if you get a chance you gotta move out
Ya'll using your platforms to spill hate on my name 
When I'm doing good you never mention my name 
First time you talk about me  you talking  trash, 
Sounds like hate to me, Fuck you and  your podcast 
I want my pockets fat

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About I Hate Me Too

Album : I Hate Me Too (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 25 , 2021

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