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Afrikan Star Lyrics

Afrikan Star Lyrics by SAUTI SOL

Yeah yeah yeah…. Oh yeah yeaaah… Yeah!

You got it all going on with your body,
You got it all baby.
Your papa Uganda your mama Burundi,
My African star baby na
Umeumbwa ukaumbika ….yeah
Sura, shepu na tabia

So baby tell me what you’re into…!  ( uh)
With your fine face and your lips too…! ( eh)
Uuh! … and your hair girl ( oh)
Team natural ka misitu ( eh)
I wanna graduate ( oh)
From a stalker to your lover ( eh)
I wanna graduate ( ohh... oh oh oh oh oh ohhh)

You got a lot going on with your body,
You got it all baby
That’s why I told you meet me at the lobby,
At the hotel girl.
hun you know what’s going down,
every time I come round.
Girl this time imma slow it down.
Feel like I lost you girl but I had you found
So don’t be surprised when a nigga hold you down

So maybe tell me what you’re into ...holla!
Lemme tell you what i’ve been!
Mad life won’t be simple...for ya!
But anything you say I do do do do do….for ya!

You got it all going on with your body,
You got it all baby.
Your papa Nigeria your mama Somali,
My African star baby na
 Umeumbwa ukaumbika ( Sawa sawa...)
Sura, shepu na tabia… ( aah...)

And your body shake a na!  (...aaaah) …body shake a na!
Girl your pretty (…..eeeh)  face and your figure eight a na!
(...aaaah)....figure eight a na!
You de make (.....eeeh)  me craze.
Natamani kukuona na (...aha!)
Walai tutaonana (...aha!)
Baby sitakaa sana (...aha!)
Make a give you panana na na na na naaa...

Burna Boy:

Leave money follow sisi oh
Miss opportunity oh
Tha one opportunity

Chelewa! Chelewa ! Chelewa !
Chelewa! Chelewa ! Chelewa !
African time baby,


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About Afrikan Star

Album : Afrikan Sauce (Album)
Release Year : 2018
Added By : Afrika Lyrics
Published : Feb 18 , 2018

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