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CEO Flow Lyrics

CEO Flow Lyrics by SARKODIE

Yeahh huh! You know I’m running out of patience
Still naa metwen a niggaa who go makeI panic
'Cause it feels like a vacation
Mame send mo location 

Se monnim me fie, you dont need an invitation
We having a conversation
Eba no fanbase aa you are fucking with the nation (No)
Tell me why you niggas be hating I’m on the paper chasing

The first nigga to do it
I’m so swift I’ve dodge the bullet
Bese no y3 den aa, we use force to chew it
This no be luck from day one I knew it

The return of the godfather
The boss rapper yehu me aa they all scatter
Mewu aa you all suffer cos me na mekyeree mo
How you delivery go fall proper

You are now rocking with the realest m'fucker
I’ve been rapping for a milli
So I’m used to all the sabbotage 
Man that sh!t is camouflage

Decade in the game I made a lot of cash
But I need more cos you be blow money first
Niggas wants to tap into the blessing
Time is going to reveal the truth I aint stressing

I’m the best to ever do it this is not even a question
They don’t wanna see me great And that be the impression
I dey get from all these soft ass rappers

You dealing with some top class snapchatters
Se me twere voice that be why you punchline surfers
Ma omo aso nte s3 omo ye me top 5 wackest
I’m the realest in the game no cap
Se me wu na me ko ba, I be the same old cat
Ibi you niqqas dey push dey game go back
Yese rappers kids but it aint no fact

Cos even when I grow be when I made more stacks
How many rappers dey perform weh dey take more cash
Wo de3 keepi key no wey dey break door lock
From Kumasi VIP We dey take tour bus

They want me to chill like they got me on ice
Ose BET me titi cos I carry all night
Se manwinni award aa ma paddy dont like
But to be honest my nigga we alright

A hundred thousand on a video clip
Only because I’m my CEO sh!t No discount
Niqqa gotto feed the whole clique
Se wo ha madwene aa then I take a road trip
I’m on my hustle like a stripper on the pole
Wope wo girl aa you gotta keep her on the low
I’m a legend homie if you wanna know
At this time I’m only rapping to keep you on your toe

You only got a crib cos your ass got signed
I be self made everything is all mine
A nigga a stay broke when a nigga dont grind
Wony3 real menfre me keep it online

Wonya duru me level nigga 
Take a chill pill, take your bullshit
You already know the real deal
Sekan ano awu koraa it will still kill

Mo bars water pistol wobete pew pew
Mo rap loosi form aa, I be the only weight gainer
Punchlines 65feet container
I guess you gotta diss cos you need a sustainer
Man I got your sh!t together like you fucking waist trainer

What else, menni time
and i got to keep focus
I’m a beast only real niqqas notice
Chaley the fans still dey fuck
With the niqqa over 17 years
Life time hypnosis whats else?

Tribulations and trials and tribulations
Numbers are build in days so have patience
Under preface I went through financial hardship
Then I started catching planes like a --.....

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About CEO Flow

Album : CEO Flow (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 10 , 2020

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