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Sh'oma duro t'ojo ba n ro?
Sh'oma duro t'ina ba n jo?
Sh'oma duro ti ko ba s'owo mo oh?
Sh'oma duro ti iji ba kami l'orule?
Sh'oma duro bi nkan o dan moran mo?
Sh'oma duro t'ebi ba ti ko mi?
Sh'oma duro bi afefe nfe?
Sh'oma duro b'iji ba n ja?
Sh'oma duro bi nkan o lo de de mo?
Sh'oma duro b'efo wa o gba no ede mo?
Sh'oma duro tin ba wa l'okukun?
Sh'oma duro?
Sh'oma duro, sh'oma duro?
Sh'oma duro, sh'oma duro?
Sh'oma duro b'aye ba le momi oh?
Sh'oma duro?
Sh'oma duro b'aye ba ti jami kule?
Sh'oma duro?
Sh'oma duro b'ile mi o ni 'lekun mo?
Sh'oma duro bi aisan mi o gb'ogun mo?
Sh'oma duro?
Sh'oma duro b'oba lemi s'agiju?
Sh'oma duro?
Sh'oma duro b'aye ba ti komi sile?
Sh'oma duro?
O le madun, o le madun, o le madun

I go stay, ayy
I go stay when the rain dey fall, when the sun dey burn oh
Mo shey ileri pe "I go stay"
Bi iji ba ja, b'ojo ba ro (sh'oma duro t'oba ti 'lekun mo mi?)
Mo ma duro ninu plenty, mo ma duro ninu kosi
Mo ma duro
Mo ma duro b'elomi o duro
Mo ma duro b'ara mi o duro, ayy
B'ogun gbona oh, emi ma duro oh-ohh
Igbaki'gba, no, me no go run
Ibi ni ma wa until I return
Ma shey d'oju ti mi, we go ba tiri
Malo foh-foh, foh
B'oshey f'eyin ti mi oh, ma shey k'eyin si mi oh
Me go humble
Loyalty is reciprocal
I'll stay but you better be loyal
I'll rather die for my baby
Still on a long for my baby
International beholder
I'll stand by you like a soldier oh
Mole duro, sh'ole duro?

Mo ma duro b'eja o ba r'omi lodo mo
Mo ma duro b'odo gan o kun l'odo mo
Mo ma duro (l'ojo t'ireke ba koro)
Mo ma duro b'oba l'oma komi s'iya je
Mo ma duro
B'oba ni "odo yi ma gbe", mo ma duro
I go dey oh-oh
I go dey (me, I go dey)
I go dey
If Friday no fit wait for Saturday
Any weather, any day, any time
Every day, na time dey the right day, I go dey

(Yeah, who's here?)

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About Duro 2.0

Album : Orin Dafidi (Psalms) (EP)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : © 2022 YBBM
Added By : Farida
Published : May 06 , 2022

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