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Aqxafina Lyrics by PXMA

Smoking dope with Lina
I’m need her
Switch up on that nigga
Get that paper
And we getting bigger
Switch up on that bigger 
Switch up on that bigger 

Linked on reflection
I just skipped detention
Pop a xan
Then I might take a vacation
Sipping dirty sprite
Switching lanes all night
And I’m mighty high
Yea, I’m in the sky
Hey hey
It’s time
I become lyrical
She’s on her knees
Mehn it’s difficult
Smoking on trees
Mehn it’s critical
Bad melody and some hellaroads
All this nigga think I’m clinical
All this thug think I’m clinical
Hey hey
Hey, switching hoes like my clothes
Next thing you know I do the most
And I keep it on a low
And I’m counting big band rolls
Pull up for the fucking shows
Bottles on the fucking floor
Hey hey hey


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About Aqxafina

Album : Aqxafina (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Pxma
Published : Apr 19 , 2021

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