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Ix Redemption Lyrics

Ix Redemption Lyrics by PURPOSE SG

SG son of God
2017 my niggah am still here Gudement
Whoever said that I won't make it
Well middle fingers to ya'l niggas Gudement
Mixtape that sounds like album
Overated than your platinum cds Gudement
Whoever done that let's talk bars
I drop 16 Gudement
Am the man behind these walls
Don't you dare tryna get close Gudement
Money town is where I'm from
I put this city on the map Gudement
And you hattin' Gudement
As long as am getting my money Gudement
As long as am getting my money right Gudement
As long as am getting my drinks right
Owh shit man
Yeah 1 2 checking
Gudement you know what am saying
Am the best in the game Gudement
ya'l get it and hope ya'l get it
Am the best niggah
Now hold up hold up hold up
Wait for it
Now gotta talk real ish

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About Ix Redemption

Album : Ix Redemption (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Added By : Mike
Published : Nov 07 , 2019

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