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Westside (Freestyle) Lyrics

Westside (Freestyle) Lyrics by PRINCE SANI GEE

Westside. Gee Gh huh, It’s about time niqqa 
You know, we always come with the fire 
Ha, but this time we coming low 
I came like a traffic but I don’t go so slow 
You bitch ass nigga huh Priggy!!! 
Took it to the westside, 
ma fucker am here no play time 
Its daytime, night time,war time, 
peace time, fuck some me time 
Nigga, yeah Its a war crime. 
I told you that yeah its a deadline 
Born on earth , curse to the death, 
bless with the curse, like hicop burp 
I dont wear skirt, hatters getting verse 
Things getting worst, 
i need some nurse fly niqqas yeah with no airline, 
its a deadline, rap in my bloodline 
Abi you bab, now make you dab 
They the kids and am their dad, am so bad, 
call me Jallal 
Am from Ghana not fucking Trinidad 
Now bitch sing Soledad 
[VERSE 2] 
Now shut up, 
bitch wanna fuck up clown ass niggas u fell or u stand up hmmm, 
bitch wanna fuck it, suck it 
Nigga stop hesitating when she take it 
She bring out the gun, 
now make you run keep fucking bitch, 
Don’t wanna cum 
She swing with the tongue, Prrrrr 
Spray with the gun, 
run as you can paww!! I shine like the sun, 
mana bad man, miah come demma run, 
spray with the gun 
Miah fada, dama son, 
miah fada, dama son, 
ah miah fada, dama son 
Told you nigga am here to have fun 
Niqqas start popping, 
Air is dropping,got no money? 
so no shopping 
I ain’t stoppin, niqqa keep rapping 
Motherfucker keep playing but i ain't catching 
Weak ass niqqa your raps ain't touching 
Bitch! your rap ain’t touching 
Shit crazy 

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About Westside (Freestyle)

Album : West Side (Freestyle) (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Added By : Priggygh
Published : Jan 14 , 2020



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