Yard Lyrics by POCO LEE

When I pull up in da ting issa badman ting
Aya!!! Jago jor smoke dat ting ting 
(Bella, Alpha, Blacko Poco)
Ting ting ting oya ting ting 
Ting is da pin pong yeah
We da ting ting kon 
(Abonten, we outside) sheessh!!!
Blacko dey! Poco dey!
Bella dey!
Jago dey!!
Alpha dey!
P.Prime dey!!

This is how we roll in this country
We shmoke, we get high
And we out in the night!
Kila them on road every time
See the time but we out
That’s the life of the party
Shit be going down in my yard
Plenty ganja jago bring am bout to smoke 
Till I can’t feel my legs and my body
Ouhhh lalala
I see bare man in the yard
They came with girls pretty barbies!
Tell somebody

If it’s not canadian loud
No dey bring am come house
Me I no dey move like that
Money too much for hand
If you say you get a million fans
Me I get a million bands
Make tell me which one better
Your girl sef dey ground
Dey wankele wankele wankele du
Back too big like bankele bu
For this my house we go jam the gbedu
I give am one she go skelubedu
Dey wankele wankele wankele du
Penh peng tins plenty for my table
You see my car e no get any rough
Where’s your girl she dey inside my room
Oh no no no…

I am fully strapped and loaded
And I’m moving like I’m innocent
But I’m a hooligan doing nonsense
I said pree tha man y paigon
Touch him close, wait
Touch him again
Step back and stay
Watch him closely, touch him again
Target one more place

Boshen shey mi koma yemi ooo
Omo poco koma momi oo
Moreni koleremi oo
Ogechi malo tan mii oo
Oyema you’re for me ooo
Inna mi yard plenty money ooo
Every night steady balling oo
Won ro jo ko ma kan mi oo
Won ro jo ko ma kan mi oo

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About Yard

Album : Yard (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 27 , 2022

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