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Successful Lyrics

Successful Lyrics by OMAH LAY

omahhhh layyyyy

my mama dey pray for me say make baba dey follow me
some niggas dey hate on me
but some my nikers dey wait for me
mek I get ti money pass dangote
all the hustle Wey we hustle Where e no pay
all the street Wey we run yah no see
say this is military but e ***
I cannot come and become
all the love Wey I need is in my studio
from PH to Lagos to ABJ na me get the road o

I want to run am successfully
I want set my city like **
say money dey money no dey dem get
Omah lay say Omah say oma lay

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About Successful

Album : Successful (Single)
Release Year : 2023
Added By : Farida
Published : Jul 21 , 2023

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