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Interlude Lyrics

Interlude Lyrics by OCTOPIZZO

Yeah I feel like don cook good music
This is Nas and Hov we the best music
Forever winning cursing the game loosing
Don Corleone rap at you a gang newsroom

Monotony not for us no same amusement
Now let's prove it and we get grooving
8 town, 8 town, 8 Town eey

I be sitting and chilling
And they cray for a meaning
Baby sit in your feelings 
Let you cry for a minute
Jazz and blue I be creeping
When I bleed I don't feel it

Am the don I said it once
Never twice coz I mean it
Young Puffy don done deal wid it
Young puppy chulo innit let's get
No shitty titty bars, in my car
Ask who is the best in the past

Lets get it chullo de

It's the about the journey buda 
Not the destination
Tok ghetto sai nimetua every nation
Allegations, affirmations just to mention
Nigga be patient I made this shit outta nothing
Started from the, started from the
Hood, homeless, jobless, hopeless, hot mess
Poll stress, coldness list ni endless

Balling kila day nina courtcase
Case closed wanabonga in small letters
Lets grow hata ganji ka ni small leta
Hapa nina mita nitaleta more later

Ka ni drip utadrown water CEO
Ka ni riz marijuana mali ya CBO
Nikiblow unachoke, nikismoke zina
Hii ni winter ukioverdose utasnow

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About Interlude

Album : Interlude (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 03 , 2021



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