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Rewind Lyrics

Rewind Lyrics by NEZSA

I won’t stand there no
I won’t stand there
Watching you go to her
Tides come Tides go
Doubts are running circles in my head
Are you scared of the possibilities?
Are you scared?
Are you scared to just let go yeah
I know I have to think about it
You’ve given me a reason for air
Doubt my honesty
Is enough for you baby
Though there’s chemistry
You're still thinking of maybes I
I wish I had never made it this far
Could I press rewind?
Back to when we were apart
Maybe this new me
Wouldn’t feel needy

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About Rewind

Album : Bitter-Sweet (EP)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Mar 09 , 2022

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