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Sticky Lyrics by NASTY C

Stick to the plan
Never too quick to demand
I get up and get what I can
I’m fixing the fan
I gotta make sure it’s a breeze
For all of my kids and their gran
I visit the fam
I’m putting some shit on the pan
Like daddy your kid is a man
You sit with your mans
And talk about getting some grass
And never about getting some land
Too many questions while sizzle got rid of his man
To see if he sits or he stands
Too many incidents killing the business man
At least he was given a chance
I never would fiddle with xans or give em a glance
I’d rather just fiddle with bands
I deal with legitimate brands
Coz I’m a legitimate brand with millions of fans
My record is spick and it’s span
My records they spin in japan
Can’t spin on a man
I’m flicking a hand
Like let him talk shit on the gram
He’s pussy, he shits in the sand
He’s shrinking his span
He’s digging his ditch in advance
There’s no point in kicking this man
He sits in the crib with his mans
They sit with their dicks in their hands and plitting his rands
I’m selling this merch with a big ole sun in the back
It’s kinda like getting a tan
They told me a African rapper won’t blow in the states
I’m someone you quitters should stand
I channel my energy
I’m on a date with my destiny
She bout to give me this dance
She bout to gimme the yams
We bout to toss up the coin and see where it lands

If I’m on tour it’s a eye and a v sun
Came a long way from riding a Nissan
Used to say mbali, now I say Keisha
They ask for a c-mix, imma release one
Came with the bros, so she had to please one
Say I’m a asshile, she got a bleached one
All of us artists but I’m an elite one
Women are tests to a man, I might cheat one
I hit it twice, now she tryna keep maan
Peace hon
Sold her the dream, no refund
Too many flows, I might lease one
Too many flows, I’m a beach bum
I’ve been here for a while, I’m seasoned
I’m in L.A where I can’t do a show coz my visa isn’t a B-1
But see, soon I might really need one
I’ve been outside just doing my recon
I’m from a place where a lot of them flee from
Talking to sis and she told me look after my heart
Coz that’s where I speak from

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About Sticky

Album : Sticky (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Sep 09 , 2022

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