Aye Lyrics by NASTY C

Tryna figure out how to go about it
I see right through these capping
Nigga still got the nerve to lie about it
My slime don’t mess with you and it’s no question
Imma co-sign it
Hopping out the matt black
In all black gear
I’m ghost riding
Fuck it make the cash back flip, No hands
I’m entertained by it
Say she fucking with the adlibs
And the wwwww I kinda got a slang bout it
Making sure the flow
Make them hoes choreo
Yeah, let them dance bout it
Going to the fam to be honest
The only time I been a real cash out
Checking out all my needs like what’s the fee
It’s cool
You can put on me
Checking out silver feeds
So it shining
Yeah you can Put that on me
Yeah, acquainted with some pilots
Let’s go private
I’m bout to get on cheap
She think I’m her stylist
Bitch you’re wilding
You ain’t never bet on me
I’m with the dogs in the ghetto deep
I smell good but I shit on beats
These hoes just can’t get off me
Suck me til I get off beat
Should I go Rolley, Patek or AP
Aye I wanna just get all 3
I hop in Mercedes and heat up the seats
And that bitch say hello C
I’m in the cut like a editor
I’m getting racks in the metaverse
Any bitch I made a ex
The next nigga met with a better her
I’m falling in love with designer
When Virgil died I was hella hurt
I lied about kicking the cup
The other day I was on hella perks
She never met me then she never met a jerk
7 AM is my get out of bed alert
Yeah, get to the bread alert
Okay, gimme some head alert
Aye, get to the bread alert
All of the hating it never works
Bitches ignore and I’m never hurt
I’ve gotta get to the cheddar first
Aye, say you’ve got more money than big hustle, Okay
Say you’ve got the honies and the muscle, Okay
You’re an influencer on the gram, Okay
She acting like she don’t know who I am, Okay
I’m way too important to be kicking shit
I ain’t taking orders jumping borders taking trips and shit
Damn I need a big bag just so I can flip this shit
Take my family shopping
Just to watch the picking shit
Aye, I can’t lose my focus
I quit acting bogus
Gather all my soldiers
Cause we taking over
Keep it all on the low
I stay on the grind
It hits like a chorus aye
Fuck it I jump in the crowd
I’m shifting the wave
I’m flipping the culture aye

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About Aye

Album : Ivy Son Army (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : © 2022 Universal Music (Pty) Ltd South Africa
Added By : Farida
Published : Sep 17 , 2022

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