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Witness Lyrics by MEDIKAL

I saw my niggas switch when the money came
As you dey under the roof I was in the rain
They took me to another hood, had to feel the pain
Carried all my bloods but I don’t do this shit in vein
I’m a product of sowutuom, fuck you think I went to jail for
Same brother, help brother, kill brother, real talk
I was on the way before twitter and tiktok
Mtchw, way before crip walk
My name rings a bell like Jehovah, y’all should witness
I’ll be at your door like delivery, AMG business
Niggas never showed up now they acting like my siblings
They washed up like Listerine
Bεεma asε break nakem εnti mate free
Like Raymond reddington they wanna blacklist me
I no get any gift as I turn 15
Now I be birthday present for the sweet 16 woh
I still inspire my haters, I keep them in my prayers
Rocking jordan’s like I play for Lakers
Menwom no nyε mastress nanso single biaa yε latest
Self-made, I don’t need your favours
What you bringing to the table? I’m the table massa
You for show working make we see somtin εnnyε kasa
Monkanchrε ne sε ͻpε freedom aa ͻnkobusa shatta anna Kwame Nkrumah
Memmpεsε mε kasa basa basa
Just for shegey reasons, I go remix too risky
Sister serby on the chorus, we go chop biscuit
Wanlov on the second verse, too wicked
Abena korkor ways  I no fit keep secrets
Swag no yε valid, squad no yε active
Everyday I drop another one like I’m Khalid
House on the mountain, drip on a fountain
The way I run these tracks I should be an athlete
Kyrε wo girl no sε w’agya ne shovel
She a gold digger, these days I be working harder than a male stripper
Yεgyae antipe, yεshε tommy Hilfiger
Who’s realer than a brother like me, no fella
Low-key be the highest key nanso monni key
Wohu me na sε wo pε picture ma nigga feeli free
Might pay for the champs but I sip on Hennessey
All these alphabets and you chose to be an NME why?

An old friend came to my house, he said my nigga you made it
He open ein mouth
He call ein brothers for facetime, dem no fit shout
ͻse sighte bεn n’εkͻ he figa say I be browse
Got a pool but I never swing
I knew I will forever win
My name will forever ring a bell swear on everything
I smell like I’m heaven sent, holy like the reverend
I hear the devil knocking
Never let him in

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About Witness

Album : Witness (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022 Exclusively licensed under AMG Beyond Kontrol through Ziiki Media
Added By : Farida
Published : May 06 , 2022

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