English Translation For Wami by MAS MUSIQ

Mhmm omhmm
Thank you wang open your eyes
I saw love in action
The real one is true
He who blesses you heals you

Aii lord thank you
(Thank you dear Sam)
I have never seen anything like it
Real happiness
I never found such a person
My dear darling
Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!
Weh them a lam (Ow)
Aii for you I'm dying

Loviey is my honey honey
My darling honey (honey)
Loviey is my hunny
Darling wami awe mina na ngyaz felah

Loviey is my darling
My honey
Loviey is my hunny
Darling wami aww Mina na ngyaz felah

Thank you wang open your eyes
I know this love
The real one with the truth that blesses you
Heals you

Haii akaz felah I am for you
They know that I found the one
The heart only beats for yeah
You my only love on my ges for what

Loviey is my honey honey
Darling my honey (honey) my loviey
Wami honey wami darling wami
Aw Mina Mina akaz dying Loviey wami
My honey my darling
My honey
Aww Mina Mina akaz felah

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About Wami

Album : Wami (Single),
Release Year : 2021
Copyright: (c) 2021
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: May 09 , 2021

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