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Big Cake Lyrics

Big Cake Lyrics by KWAKU DMC

Big cake
Big move

Apple juice, I read and relax
Heard you folks talk behind my back
About all the code that I crack
I sit back and laugh with a snack
Made a diagram with a plan
Am tryna change the boy to a man
I feed the fam do what I can
Then I snap a pic with a fan
Made a couple rules but a break
Woyɜ early bird aa why you late
Wo girl no yɜ whore with a fate
Wai yɜ straight facts no debate
Wai yɜ straight facts no debate
Am that nigga with the big plate
Wai yɜ big move, wai yɜ big chase
Wai yɜ big flex, wai yɜ big cake
Central police in ma hood made the raid
Gue yɜ laptop, phone than we made a trade
Woyɜ judas and you know who to betray
Polo perfume fiii fiii na ma spray
Meniamu street no so aa oh no not again
Am a pain in the ass oh what a pain
Money video no checking hwe I made it rain
Neighborhood fol no a filling complain
Villain of the piece
Return of the gees
Yɜ bɜ street aa wobia ntumi nkyere yɜ fees
Young rich niggas ya parking car kuta keys
Aha yɜ trapping sɜ modea daddy bees
Yɜ pɜ visa de alͻ ahwe overseas
Weni me nnya beef aa better hold your peace
Me ne me killers bɜ pull up wͻ we street
Wo nya ba ne wo girl bɜ feeling me streeze
Can you feel the breeze
Bless when I sneeze
Mopɜ me attention nso ma standing at ease
Jeans no da me knees, wobɜ tumi me fo please
Obaa no nofo ɜsetting aa then I squeeze
Obaa no nofo ɜsetting aa then I squeeze
Me bɜ finger wͻ wose yes she agree
Freaky freaky bad bitch with degree
Pussy clean no germs no diseases
Metwa no text me ma no call ya webͻ no raw
Doggy position medi nɜnim aa facing wall
Soldiers on the field anadwo eei ɜyɜ war
Soldiers on the field anadwo eei ɜyɜ war
Mood forever
Smart guy am clever
Bring it on is on whenever
Bla bla bla okay whatever
Mood forever
Gorilla whenever

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About Big Cake

Album : Big Cake (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Apr 14 , 2022

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