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Cure Lyrics by KID X

Yeah, I vowed not to let my mind's opinion 
On my work to ever affect my truth
Spilling out my heart whenever I step in the booth
A perfect mix of hard labour, I'm all prayed up
Do my best to lead the rest to the Lord's favour
He gave me the path, I see my destiny unfold daily

I see a --in my innocence, I don't know limits
Since I've been a testament to miracles in broad daylight
I'm on a mission far greater than debates about what y'all rate
A  --dimension that I'm bringing to life
Listen to my passion and aggression as I breathe in the mic

When you're this blessed, you're never needing the hype
Critics say I might just be too obsessed with the need to be right
But when you asking, everything that you write
It all fathom could be prophetic, you ain't easily liked
Sike, I'm on my toes like a thieve in the night
Same reason my balaclava never leave by my side

Give 'em the cure
The cure
This is the cure

Might as well put me on repeat 
'causeall of my ish need rewinding
From the very moment, you been counting
But it's not to be compared to all the counterfeits
I barely got the mileage

What's a classic on audio buffet to the script
Plus I'm quick to tell a chic, I take a picture and they riding
And silver bullet and they testify
That it look like your boy copped and pressed the nine 

Don't even look me dead in the eyes
Some of my lines, they gon' incite lyrical minds
There's never been one as prolific before
Who claim they're sick? I came to give them the cure
Leave the throat covered in peppermint and cure
That's flu shots, you should the fine print for the ballistic report

Juggling rap and pyramid schemes
With the three-thousand piece puzzle 
Scattered across my living room floor
Said it before, so they tossed me these mics
That they gon' have to write your quarantine sights
Even when I ain't the topic of discussion

Still, my name tend to pop up as a subject
Need no introduction
Don't give a damn what they're dropping
I'm a fly dude in my bag
What I carry on me can get out of pocket and bang!
And the thing don't miss
Got dope [?] it's all itching for that A1 piff
When I'm in the stu' with my apron fitted
Free throwing the kitchen sink with an 8 ball in it

Give 'em the cure
The cure
This is the cure

You can see the tears falling on the concrete
That represents the pain of my people, we've been through it
Tired of pretending I'm free
When the look in my eyes is a pick of my dirty laundry
A piece of my heavy heart breaks 
At thought of the lives that were lost
Feel it weighing on me, I should be praying of rain
Instead, I can't help it, cry my beloved country

No amount of words will ever be enough
To console over the loss of a loved one
I need God to intervene, azo shay' iround
Still missing this griza I'm wounded inside out
The irony is you put us on the puzzles with five hundred piece
Back when we were still kids

A lesson where I'm picking up the pieces when things fall apart
How are you the missing piece?
You're forever in my heart
Memories that I hold oh so dear to me
Make me feel like heaven isn't far
I find peace knowing that in you, I got an angel
On this road of self-discovery, every step I'm cured and healed
Walking with the grace of God and I've never been more fulfilled

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About Cure

Album : Father of Zen (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 29 , 2021

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