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Send Fare (Freestyle) Lyrics

Send Fare (Freestyle) Lyrics by KHALIGRAPH JONES

Yoo I got a short story to tell you today
So listen to this pay attention its different

I  wake up in the morning 
First me got to wash me face
That I meet with a girl who be coming to my place
Give thanks to the most high and so me say de grace

Then afterwards me dressed up and get ready for the date
Pengting fine she be running to me mind
And she told me she gon pull up to my crib around 9
If galdem say dat den me take it as a sign

Dat she want to get dawn after sipping on some wine
Already send fare she got transport money
Now am just waiting cos she told me she was coming
But it was getting late so me tried calling her phone
And asked what time she was getting on me zone
And just from my tone nikajua ako home
Akasema sorry Khali I don't think hafffi na kwome 

Bloodclat gyaldem who tryna con
Send me back me money rytnow we are done
She just eat me fare and she nuh care
N I'm just there sitting on a chair
And that's when I vowed not to ever send cash
Coz the money that I sent her I never got it back

But after sometime me decide to cll me backup
Gyal named Cinfy but she told me she was caught up
But  she had a promise she gon pull up by noon
As soon as she was done making hair inna salon

The news was exciting after dissapointment
Jah Jah send me blessing now me feeling so annointed
About to get laid in tha pumpum nice
But likkle did I know dat me gon pay de price

Me Iphone ring and it's Cindy on the screen n she say
Papa Jones can you send me ching ching
Me told her use your mony when you get here I'll refund
But she said "Tuma kitu na usipo sitakam"

Me sent 2gs fi de cab even though me na believe her
I drop the location mommy kuja Athi River
And the me realize dis gyal ah deceiver
Imagine iyo pesa imekulwa na Fuliza

Bomboclat why you wan make me go phsyco
But bcoz she had a big booty to die for
Me sent her more money straight to her MPESA
I told her come quick me no want no pressure

A few hours later there's a knock on me door
N there was Cindy with a dress from Dior
An hour glass shape with a very little waist
Got her straight to my room coz there was no time to waste

Me try to fck Cindy but Cindy say Chill
Let's watch some Netflic and then I'll tell you how I feel
Cindy got me face and me know that she was serious
I'm sorry Papa Jones But I'm still on my periods

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About Send Fare (Freestyle)

Album : Send Fare (Freestyle) (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021 Blu Ink Corp
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Published : Jan 29 , 2021



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