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Makossa Riddim Lyrics

Makossa Riddim Lyrics by JULS

In my zone yeah

You’re feeling low but imma take you higher
 You’re feeling cold so imma give you fire
Me have Versace all of my attire
Baby tell me what you will require
My gal, buy what you want buy
Tell me what you feel like
My gal how you look so fine
I go make you feel right
A me, me that she wanting
Di love, she a go fall in
Champagne that we pouring
She want wine until the morning
Backaz backaz backaz the whole ting
Pattern pattern pattern whant money and fashion
Fashion fashion for me she a badaz badaz badaz
I’ll give you whatever you need (just for your love)
Whatever that it’s got to be (just for your love)
I’m willing to be a better me (just for your love)
I’ll give it up for you, just to be next your love

She want make love pon the sheet
Then she q’warn make noise like artillery
She affi take fill her in then we q’warn flu out
And view scenery

Gal I want you bad (oh gal I want you bad)
I just wanna be you man (I just want be your man)
Don’t want make you sad (I don’t want make you sad oh)
They can’t do what I can (They can’t do what I can oh)
My gal just hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Oh lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo

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About Makossa Riddim

Album : Makossa Riddim (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Farida
Published : Nov 18 , 2021

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