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Odo (Choral Version) Lyrics

Odo (Choral Version) Lyrics by JOHNNY DRILLE

Be my odo
I fie die for your love
Be my odo (Be my odo)
I fie die for your love

Girl you make me complete
Everything that i need
I know i gave you trauma
But you still dey for me
Girl i can guarantee
I’ll get down on my knee
So you know you’re the one my dear, only one my dear

Girl do something for me
Promise you will never leave
I know i gave you drama
But you still de for me
Tell me what do you need
Take my password and keys
Buy a porshe and a wrangler
Anything for my queen
And i will go anywhere you wanna
From Paris to Rwanda
You know, that i’m gonna love you forever
But i go fit die for your love

I don dey wait for your door
I want to make you my odo, odo,ogo
I go fie die for your love
I go dey sleep for your door
Until you gree be my odo, odo, ogo  
I go fie die for your love (Be my odo)
(Be my odo, Be my odo, Be my odo)

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About Odo (Choral Version)

Album : Odo (Choral Version) (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Farida
Published : Oct 25 , 2021



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