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Alade Wura Lyrics by FLAKES

Be ti tobi to Alade wura
Be ti tobi to Alade ogo
Yes you are my number one
You are bigger than what people say
You are my mighty one and washer of my soul
All the living adore you
And all the angels hallow you
Cos you alone is worthy to be praised
Yes you are my number one
Your love for me is paramount
The King of the universe now fills up my little heart
Break up my fallow ground
Break all the ordinance written against me
It baffled my mind
So hard to explain the enormities of your love
It hard to dispel
Okoja imo okoja ogbo ori eniyan
Yes you are my number one
Tori ife yin lokan mi
It Fills up all my emptiness
Breaks up my fallow ground
Breaks all the ordinance
Wiped all the curse of law
Written against me
 Oh oh oh oh oh
Be ti tobi to Alade wura
Be ti tobi to Alade ogo

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About Alade Wura

Album : Alade wura (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Wale Olayiwola
Published : May 03 , 2021

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