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Ankwadobi Lyrics by EFYA

My love, my bébé
I live for you ee
S3 wo fi m'anu a na m'anane na m'agyigya ee
My body, i shiver shiver ee
I don't know what will ever make me want to leave you
Ohh from the east, to the west,to the south
You dont ever go be mistake ei
Take my heart, take my love, make it yours
You don't ever go be mistake ei ei

The way you love me ei
I will never leave you ei
It makes me ouuh ouuh,say arrh arrh
The way you love me ei
I'm never leaving ei
Makes i dey ouuh arrh arrh arrh
Ankwadobi eeee, ankwadobi eeeiii
M'akoma tsea eee
Ankwadobi eeei

Kata w'ani i want to kiss you
Odoyewu everyday i miss you
Even if me den you get issue
Akwashey your heart ebi me wey thief you
W'ano s)kyii ti s3 srade nam
Wo y3 sizeless,wo nti me sua adepam
Psychiatrists hia me, mey3 abodam
Kika me s3 PK, Odo wo d) yi y3 gum
Ago make e rain on you
Odoy3wu say i do
Odoy3wu say i do
Ano be monkey but say i do
Arrh miisum) bo tam) sikli
Mii sum) bo tam) sh3
Kaakw3 moko moko
Kaakw3 moko moko

Nti odoy3wu
B3 s) me mu
B3 fi ma no
Kiss me baby,love me all night
Wo d) no ti s3 power
I need you, need you all the time,time

The way you love me ee
I will never leave you ee
It makes me ouuh ouuh, say arrh arrh
The way you love me ee
I'm never leaving you ee
Say the ouuh,eeii arrh arrh
Ankwadobi eee
Ankwadobi eeeiiii
M'akoma tsea ee
Ankwadobi eee

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About Ankwadobi

Album : Ankwadobi (Album)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : ©2019 FarmUK
Added By : Farida
Published : Dec 05 , 2019

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