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For Days Lyrics by EFE


Dear future
Tell my pas I’m a better me
Tell him I made it
And mama be really proud of me
But I’m still stock in here with a bottle of Hennessey
Coz I really love her
But she finds it hard to see
There is nothing more beautiful than stirring at your creation
And imagining my child unborn from your creation
I’ll give it all for you
Been hustling to change my life but nothing really matters
If you ain’t part of my celebration
Na me be this
I no dey form
I’m really privileged just to see your call
If na your kiss the beans no dey done
Na who I be for God to send this metaphor
Anytime, anytime wey I dey para
Baby I dey fear, I dey fear
Make I no loose you to another guy, another guy
For this life I need you by my side, by my side
No more telling lies
Coz me and you together issa vibe
Treat you like a queen , Show regard
I hope you’ll learn to put away the past
Coz loving me is all I ever asked

Call the doctor
Be like say you leave me dazed
Why you lock up
Me I see you for days
Why you run
Why you want leave me dead tis been long

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About For Days

Album : For Days (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : May 04 , 2022

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