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2020 Letter to You Lyrics

2020 Letter to You Lyrics by DMW


I live this life 
At a pace that any man can go
(Yeah yeah yeah)

I live this life 
At a pace that any man can go
Letter To You My baba

Manage your state
Magnify your office
To comfort yourself
Be true to yourself

I live this life 
At a pace that any man can go
Know your place and dedicate your role
To the fate that you will die alone

Man gave us love 
And God gave us time
It’s the act of storytelling
I’m only telling mine

Love and hate oh oh
Black or white
Right or wrong
So o who is right?

I be human, oh 
You be human too, o
Ohhh nobody perfect(nobody perfect) 
Onto one or two

Eh nobody jaaju, kaku
But no over kaku
Eh life na one part oo
Omo no part two

Ye, I go chop my life 
Mi o le wa ku
Omo no do no do 
And if them fumble

Wetin be Ekwe(Ekwe)
Omo na sample(Sample)
And if yawa gas o
People go come compu

Oh oh oh oh, shekpe, haha
I’m just having a good time
You know 2020 
Am about to take it, lets go

(Mix Monster)


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About 2020 Letter to You

Album : 2020 Letter to You (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 Davido Music Worldwide.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 23 , 2020

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