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Thug Life Lyrics

Thug Life Lyrics by BURNA BOY

Me just buy anything from bucking
When me thing start barking
No talking, Straight ducking
Them running no option
Picking me block from barking
Came down on the price he was charging
That's love there
My thugy, My chargie
No problem
Cold night on the street man are starving
Mix up the rice with the sardine
Tha map am, early morning, just plotting and plotting
Slash the sardar man's face like a pathing
Boy can't beg me no pardon
Don told them from the starting me get dark and have no heart

Many guys, many many many guys
Not inna league too bad
Try violate me gunshot (Gunshot sound)
My brothers do many crimes
Many many many crimes
Police looking for we
But they can't do nothing to gee
Too bad

Don know soon as I step inna rave
All tha girls dem a notice me
I take ya girl overseas
Imma make ya girl go globally
Ya girl love me totally
Physically emotionally, ya
In ma vail, in some type of way
But remember say
Me tell ya dawg

Me just buy anything from bucking
When me thing start barking
No talking, straight ducking
Them running no option


East side family dat
Outside out now
You dunno
Big up my brother skepta
Greatness desk BBK all that
Big up gang and family
SM for life
Big up ma whole 30BG Squad

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About Thug Life

Album : Thug Life (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : May 04 , 2022

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