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Konongo Zongo Lyrics

Konongo Zongo Lyrics by BLACK SHERIF

I pray to God for times like this aswear my papa
I no fit lie you like koti I work so harder
I go wayward for what I need Kwaku mantie obiaa
It's me and ma gang  we never speed kakra kakra noaa
They say I stubborn cause I no go their way
And I don't know why they pissed off when I'm running my race
It's getting them fucked up they ain’t catching up with my pace
I'm not to be slept you go wake up na woay3 late
Don't stop oh my jiggy blacko
I tell myself these words every time on the road
And I'm still grinding cuh it's do or die where I'm from
Kwaku the black sheep no dey give up no way
I run from house to chase the guala my jigga
Plenty calls efri me fie nso mannfa da
Them vex me tired for my heart but I no mind
I never gree make …

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About Konongo Zongo

Album : The Villain I Never Was (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : © 2022 Blacko Management / EMPIRE
Added By : Farida
Published : Oct 06 , 2022



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