Marama Lyrics by BALLO RANKING

This is crazy
Bigger dreams me I dey chase
So bad energy don’t come nearby
Pass me the badderman
Base on God
Many many dey bother mind
As I see today I dey thank God
If I dey See am do one by one
Ki won to ji saye, I don take off
Wetin I go chop no go pass me by
It’s you boy Ranking
Na we dey banging

Everywhere Marama
Everywhere good
Everywhere Machala
Hmmm! Awon temi akuku mora wa
Everyday on cruise
Talo Sope we no go tingaza

My brother I came up zeal
Na my province back to Atlanta
Awon omo ope tin Na dollar
Na bad belle go get heart attack
She gives you asala u go big dildo
Amina ti di pa pa pa
Omo ologo ma go ise yen
won ti dorimekun won pa baba
Anytime is right time mo tun gbodo
Baba must not know say Ali mo do bo
Moni mo de ma fa oun owo mi o to
Pe eyi show mi ke mi le cope
Dede yen o go
Na only me dey see my view
To succeed Na him me I choose
Many are called but few are choosen

Everywhere marina
Everywhere good
Everywhere machala
Hmmm! Awon temi akuku mo ra wa
Everyday on cruise
Talo sope we no go tingaza 
Emi lomo to n so, ko to lo omo to shan
Fun mi 1 shot 2shot 3shot o
Kolomo kilo fomo e
Lale yi ko ma wo bum shot o
Everywhere machala
Everywhere good
Everyday on cruise
Na who say we no go tingaza
we no go tinga ah ah


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About Marama

Album : Marama (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 16 , 2022



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