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Shangararaisha Lyrics

Shangararaisha Lyrics by ANTO NEOSOUL

I used to hold on my feet
Before A, E, I, O, U
Catch me outside if I owe you
Call me magician I got the voodoo
No respect for you only Eryka Badu

I'm original sio chipo mwitu
Crown man crown na sio chinku
I can sing I can flow
The masses can ignore

I do this for the ghetto
Superstar from the get go
Hii ni ya ghetto 
Umetoka Ghetto sema 

Shangararaisha, I do this for the ghetto
Shangararaisha, mbogi ni ya ghetto
Shangararaisha, pass a blunt for the ghetto
Shangararaisha, buss a blank for the ghetto
Shangararaisha, lion pon for the ghetto
Shangararaisha, light it for the ghetto
Shangararaisha, rieng ni ya ghetto
Shangararaisha, mbogi ni ya ghetto


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About Shangararaisha

Album : Shangararaisha (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 29 , 2021


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