Wasted Energy Remix Lyrics by ALICIA KEYS

Don't want your love
Don't worry who I'm seein' tonight
It's none of your business
Too bad I weren't enough
'Cause ready or not, I'm better on my own

Too many times, you turned a blind eye to the way I feel
Oh, you're the reason why I'm numb
And when I try to give you my time, it's never, ever ideal
Had to learn it the hard way, oh yeah

Wasted energy, yeah
Wasted energy
Wasted energy, yeah
Why did you, why did you fuck up the chemistry?

I've been wastin' with these hoes, pause
Keep every blessing/lesson like low, low
I've been tryna feel your soul (Feel your soul)
Just to find out it was copped a month ago (A month ago)

But, we can take a trip to my island, private island
Know you'll like that (Like that)
Nobody else with us, no we vibin' (Vibin')
We just grindin' (Grindin')

Like a throwback
But don't be ashamed of us, our lives
Yeah, you know we fuss
'Cause baby I'm just tryna to do it just
So no love and no trust

Wasted energy (There's wasted energy, yeah-yeah)
Wasted energy
Between you and me
Between you and me

Wasted energy (Wasted energy)
Wasted energy
Between you and me (Why did you, why did you fuck up the chemistry?)
Between you and me

[Diamond Platnumz]
Yeah, I gave you heart (I gave you)
I gave you love (I gave you)
I gave you body everything that I had
Nikakupa roho yangu, oh moyo wangu
Japo unipende na utulie

So tell me why, baby? (I wanna know)
Why, baby?
Kwa kuniacha mi lonely, lonely
Why, baby? (I wanna know)
Why, baby?
Kuniacha mi lonely, lonely

Nawaza when your body bounce
Ukikata bounce
Venye tunakimbizana ka cat na mouse
Mimi ninablush, ukiwa kwa heart
Venye unavyokatakata kwa mbwembwe
Na sha sha shao shaz


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About Wasted Energy Remix

Album : Wasted Energy Remix (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Dec 18 , 2020



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